How to Get Stellar Reviews Part 2


When you receive a great review for a job well-done, things change for the (much) better. You will be approached by more clients than usual, which means that pretty soon you’ll turn into one of the most popular escorts in town. Not too long ago, we tackled the subject of how to get leolist vancouver escorts get stellar reviews from clients. Now we’re back with part two of our tips and tricks, dear!

  1. Set a screening process in place

For all you newbies out there, a screening process is your way to see if a client is legit or shady. It helps you avoid dangerous situations, aka abusive customers, and all sorts of scams, particularly where money is involved.

Different escorts have different ways to screen potential clients. Some ask for real pictures which are verified by professionals, others want links to social media accounts to see if customers are fake montreal escorts. Many companions only take e-transfers before they meet new clients.

Another method used by a lot of entertainers when they do a screening process is to ask a couple of questions. Not too many and not too personal or too outrageous. Being thorough about your screening process shows your client that you are a pro escorts. Remember: don’t be intrusive and don’t spend hours to verify your customer. Make it concise, but complete and secure at the same time.

  1. Always be punctual

You wouldn’t like your client to keep you waiting, would you? The reverse is also true: customers like it when their dates are punctual. Also, make sure you provide the entire amount of pampering time you agreed upon with your customer. Don’t be a clock watcher, no male or female customer appreciates that, and they will certainly give you a bad review for it.

  1. Make sexual health safety your top priority

As a pleasure provider, you must always be clean and ensure safe sex for both you and your partner. If he doesn’t bring condoms, keep some close by. Have regular health check-ups to see whether or not you’re free of sexually transmitted diseases. Stay away from drugs and don’t be an alcoholic.

  1. Keep it legal

It’s always best if you provide details about the legitimacy of your services to potential dates. If they find out you’ve had problems with the police, they won’t book you again. Don’t scam your clients by charging more for the encounter than was agreed upon or for additional sexual services. Live up to your promises and they’ll love you for it.